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“Ask the Loyales what their weddings are like and they’ll say the phrase “heart and soul” a lot. They go with the flow like a living, breathing jukebox, full of expertly curated 45s, from the chug-a-lug chords of Johnny Cash and British Invasion breakdowns of the Beatles to soul and R&B standards like James Brown, Etta James, and the O’Jays. Personalizing the party’s set list is no problem, but if you want a gang of multi-instrumentalists who aren’t afraid to tackle a few tangents, they’ll be able to read the room all night.”NY Magazine

The driving force behind The Loyales’ cool factor is band leader Milton’s voracious and encyclopedic knowledge of music. Milton has been collecting and studying records since he was a babe in New York City, spending all of his free time and extra cash on Manhattan’s once ubiquitous record stores. Having no genre bias, his only criteria was heart and groove. These two requisites are the foundation of The Loyales’ repertoire which spans Reggae, Classic Rock, Bluegrass, Soul, R&B, Blues, Rock, Pop, Country and Jazz. Based on Milton’s vast experience working rooms all over the country, The Loyales’ set lists are all carefully curated to make you feel and make you dance! Your party might sound something like this…dig it:

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